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I'm Human

Flag Fu

<img src="" alt="Flag Fu Screenshot" style="float: right" />

I have not had this much free time since about a year ago, so I have enjoyed being able to take the time to work on one of my projects. FlagFu, for lack of a better name, is my recent attempt at creating a multiplayer sidescroller.

During school and in the past in general, I rarely have gotten so far on random projects like this, but this thing went together pretty quickly, and as it is, this meets my original goals for a solid prototype.

Plenty of work still needs to go into it for it to become something that someone might call "good" or "fun," but I am hoping for some art and some very specific programming help from other people to get to that stage.



<a href=""><img src="" alt="A graph of system load" /></a>

Yes, a big chunk of that load is from generating the graphs.