Posts for the month of July 2008

Ukulele Overload

I picked up a ukulele a few weeks back when I was in North Carolina. I had been learning to play the guitar, but I wanted to branch out to something different. Little did I know how much of a following they actually had.

There are plenty of chord generators around for all sorts of stringed instruments around, but I knew next to nothing about actual music theory, so I made one for the ukulele. It probably lies sometimes and fails in all sorts of ugly ways. It's based on my understanding of this document.

There are some very entertaining people sharing ukulele videos on youtube:

And I was surprised at how many good sites there were for tabs, chords, and lessons:

I noticed this week's Bigger Than Cheeses was about ukuleles. A recent xkcd strip wasn't about ukuleles, but I'm glad I wasn't the only one who put the two together.


Trying a new trac blog plugin. Apparently I need an "about" post. I imported all of my old posts, and they're still around on the wiki. I might have lost some versions. *Shrugs*.