Posts for the month of December 2009



From left to right, in order of acquisition:

  1. My first ukulele, a Makala I picked up at the North Carolina Ukulele Academy in Wilmington, North Carolina when visiting family. If I think someone is going to accidentally sit on or back a car over one of my ukuleles, I will try to make sure it is this one.
  1. My concert size "Surf" Fluke ukulele with rosewood fretboard. When I got my Makala, I kind of laughed when the store owner recommended a Fluke or Flea because they can be stood on end on a table. But he was right, and my Fluke is sitting next to me on my desk right now.
  1. A solid mahogany Pono I picked up at Aloha Warehouse in San Francisco. When I want to pretend I'm a real musician, I'll have this around. It also came with a nice hard case.
  1. A Kala koa Tenor cedar-top with a pickup that I just got from The Ukulele Shop while driving through Virginia. I intend to use this when I want to play loudly.

Please Take My Houseplants


A message accidentally sent to the drawing topic email list became a new topic.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


I just wanted to get my point across and get out, on this one. Boticelli, the teenage mutant ninja turtle who wielded guns.

Joan Jett


Grargh...artists making me draw people... Well, I'm happier with it than I expected, and she provided good background music while I worked, so it's OK.



Not to change course, I attempted to emulate my favorite web comic ever. Except I lacked funny. And now I can't remember if there was a comic where Beartato and Reginald were actually dressed as vikings.



I was way behind on my "daily" drawings, so I sat down and did five in a row. This is the first. I just wanted to draw White Ninja for no particular reason.