Posts for the month of September 2009


Bleh. I remember now. Twenty minutes is no where near enough for me to do anything with color.



AKA "Thursdays."



Took me a very long time to decide how to draw joy. This can be a pretty good part of my day sometimes.



Milenko plus.



Among the most sickly unicorns I've seen. That must be the Hudson.



They're actually both right-handed, but one's throwing lefty to throw the other off-guard.



I totally failed at the first thing I tried to draw. This was a quick consolation. Now I need to go play Scribblenauts.



Was thinking of the devil as illustrated by Tastuya Ishida. Totally missed the mark, but reminded me of where I stand on drawing people. In retrospect, I should have drawn 'Nique.




Try moving closer to the rail.


Forgot to draw my mind. Also, those are peaches.



Second drawing. I wanted to not draw people for no particular reason. I ran out of time way before I got most of my glorious plans done. Partly wasted time just relearning how to do things in gimp.

I forget if wagons or boxes are the best means of space travel, so let's assume time travel was involved.



Some artists at work have apparently started a thing where they all draw something for the same theme for twenty minutes or less each day. I can probably find twenty minutes most days!


I can tell already this is going to be really hard for me, but being severely limited in time makes it seem reasonable and kind of OK that his hat is falling apart and his limbs aren't attached right.

Jerk Owl

So I'm watching a friend's bird for a little while. I think he said it was an owl or a chicken or something.

Most of the time it is really well-behaved. I didn't know birds could be so calm. He'll happily sit on my finger, presuming I scratch his head every thirty seconds, or even chill out on my shoulder for a bit.

I'm Cory McWilliams, and I want to be a pirate!

But he's also kind of a jerk sometimes. He has pooped on me more than once, and every now and then he becomes all angry and attacks me.

Here is some footage I caught of him aggressing me:

The pecking order is clear.

All in all he's pretty awesome, but I'm determined to figure out what I'm inadvertently doing or not doing to make him angry.

I have no excuses for the poor image quality, except that previous claims of having this webcam working were less than fully truthful, and the bird had me under duress.

Logitech, Inc. QuickCam Orbit/Sphere AF

I feel dumb.

I picked up a Logitech Orbit AF webcam, having seen it listed as working well in Linux. The pan/tilt controls also looked amusing.

I do this periodically. I decide I want to make some sort of video for youtube, pick up a webcam, it fails to work in spectacular ways, and then I give up. As it stands, all I have shared are time-lapse videos. n webcams * m computers * o pieces of software * p drivers ensures that I'm entertained for a while.

Anyway, I tried this new one, half of the apps I used to test it weren't working well. It's always a crapshoot if cheese initializes properly, and I think the rest had some v4l/v4l2 problem. When I finally got it to the point that it seemed like it should work, I couldn't record at more than 5 fps.

It turns out the autoexposure settings can limit the framerate. Oops.

I still can't get pan/tilt working:

ioctl querycontrol error: Invalid argument
Set Pan down error
ioctl querycontrol error: Invalid argument
Set Tilt down error