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Running + Rain

I tried to go for a run today and stopped early due to weather. The wind was a force to be reckoned with, and the sky looked like it was already raining all around me. I walked (quickly) about the last half mile.

This all goes against everything Chad told me. I will never trust his meteorological skills again.

MyTracs(2011-04-27 1818.csv)

Another run. Meh:

MyTracs(2011-05-07 1001.csv)

Also meh:

MyTracs(2011-05-18 1856.csv)

Still so out of shape:

MyTracs(2011-05-25 1835.csv)

Running Data

Ten days ago I jogged about 5k. I didn't run again until today, when I hoped I could repeat that distance. But I wasn't feeling so hot and ended up walking after only about a mile in when my calves started really aching.

I like that I found a ~5k route around the Crossings of Colonie, but I need to be more routine about running. And the weather needs to cooperate.

I don't trust the speed/pace numbers I'm generating in these reports. Or maybe I'm just including too much junk data before I start or after I stop where I'm not moving much. Graphs will probably happen next to help me sort things out.

I don't think I intend to report data here every time I run, but if I run any 5k races this summer, and if I'm allowed to bring my phone, I definitely intend to dump as much data about them here as I can.

MyTracs(2011-04-07 1853.csv,width=320,height=240)MyTracs(2011-04-17 1320.csv,width=320,height=240)

April 20th: MyTracs(2011-04-20 1818.csv,width=320,height=240)

April 23rd: It was cold and damp out. I think that qualifies as clammy. I'm still way out of shape. I opted for a run walk run walk run walk today.

MyTracs(2011-04-23 1733.csv,width=320,height=240)

Kayaking: Summer #2

Given that Friday was my last Friday off for at least a month, I decided that the weather was nice enough to bust out the kayak for the first time this summer. I washed my car, mounted the roof rack, and added a new second set of kayak racks. Then I strapped my kayak on top of all that and headed to Round Lake, which was basically the first place I started last summer.

I paddled around a bit, getting fairly tired by the time I finished circling Round Lake and Little Round Lake. It was a bit cold and windy, but both of those were manageable.

About fifteen minutes after I started, I saw this off in the trees:

I can't believe how many birds around here are balding.

As usual I logged lots of GPS data using My Tracks on my phone. I am trying to do something different and am building up a Trac macro to visualize some data about where I go. A CSV file of the raw data is attached to this post, and some kind of map and summary should show up below. Depending on how much time I find, this will improve or go away.

MyTracs(2011-04-15 1330.csv,end=967)

Things I Have Made

As I previously mentioned, I have been dusting off some of my old projects, making them build again, and organizing the source code and executables I've packaged for different platforms.

The ultimate result is this list of links for a pile of my projects. I don't expect anyone cares about these things but me, but I am making it as easy as I can for people to try them.

In addition, I made a list of projects in which I've been involved in any capacity at work. It's more than I remember. Even still, I'm not sure it's complete, yet. I hope 2011 and the future bring good things.

So that's me talking about my code.