Posts for the month of June 2011

Kayaking: Mohawk River #2

I couldn't decide where to go kayaking this weekend, so I decided to steal Anton's last trip. It was a short car trip to a nice boat launch area on the Mohawk River, just past a bunch of Erie Canal locks and remnants. There were hardly any people there when I showed up, though it was packed with cars with boat trailers.

MyTracs(2011-06-18 1147.csv)

It was nice. There were a lot of other people out in boats, but they mostly stayed out of my way or went fast enough that they didn't leave much wake.

I found the flags flying at this house found not too far from the launch to be highly suspicious:

I passed the area where Anton tried to get us stuck last summer:

I saw a bunch of tasty-looking geese:

And then I paddled under the I-87 bridge:

The weather was beautiful. Potential thunderstorms were predicted, but the sky didn't even start clouding up until I was almost done. I was pretty exhausted by the end, but chaffing of the skin on my hands was probably my biggest issue. I need to resume my search for kayaking gloves or other forms of hand protection.

When I got back, I looked at the data and realized I had gone the exact same distance as Anton but did it in almost an hour less time, so the whole trip was a great success.

Kayaking: Ballston Lake

Kayaked Ballston Lake with Lauren. I had avoided this previously, because I couldn't tell if there was a nice place to launch. I just learned there's a parking area across from a public dock. It was a bit of a hike from the car but worth it.

MyTracs(2011-06-04 1316.csv)

It was pretty quiet, except for a handful of people fishing, some people water skiing, and others jet-skiing.

I definitely need to go back to do a full loop sometime.