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Kayaking: Saratoga Lake #5 (flooded)

Last time, I started at the Saratoga Lake boat launch and headed north up Fish Creek. This time, I went south and did a loop around the perimeter of the lake. To my surprise, it was flooded worse than last time. As I was taking off, an old couple fishing in a canoe commented, "oh good, so we're not the only crazy ones."

The lake was dead. I think there were only half a dozen other boats out on the lake, total. This was a shame for everyone else but good for me, because the weather was beautiful. I'm not clear if there were any flood-time restrictions on lake use or if everybody as just busy cleaning up. I did see a few other kayakers, and I don't make any wake, so I carried on.

There was clearly damage. I think the majority of houses were still above the water level, but there were more than a few that were just inches away from having water enter the main floor, and a handful that were partly submerged. I'm not clear when the water level peaked.

Nearly all of the docks were under water. That was surreal.

The road on one side of the lake was under a few inches of water. I watched as at least one vehicle tried to get to their house.

Wildlife was out in full force. Several very large birds startled me when I startled them with my paddling. I managed to get some photographs of some others.

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September 10, 2011

Kayaking: Fish Creek

This being the only day with decent weather predicted this weekend, I put in at the boat launch at Saratoga Lake. They apparently stopped charging when a bus hit the toll booth at the entrance, but it looks like they're setting up a new ticket machine for collecting payment. A lady from adirondack environmental conservation greeted me, asked me where my kayak has been recently, and encouraged me to hose it off when I'm done.

I wasn't sure where I was going to go. I had already done a loop of the lake, so I headed down the creek, thinking I might head out on the lake if I get back with enough energy left. It wasn't until I had made good distance that I realized just how strong the current was getting. I charged on until I got to the dam, turned around, and then found that it was about twice as hard to go back in the other direction. Needless to say, I got back and headed home, adequately tired.

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