Posts for the month of January 2012

Tank Xing

I was observing someone make a tiled terrain system earlier in the week, and I was reminded of an old project of mine: Tank Xing.

Much to my shock, I didn't have a build of it handy, and I couldn't so much as find any screenshots. I remedied this today.

A brief write-up as well as binaries are available here.

The relevant part to my original recollection is the function Terrain::generateTexture, which takes a height map and picks textures for each tile, inserting a border of hand-crafted transition textures between particular different heights.

The result looks something like this. Uh, disregard the texture sampling issues in between tiles.

It doesn't look like much. I never made any better art than some colored checkerboard textures to test it. It was nifty, to me, at the time.