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Kayaking: Saratoga Lake #6

Possible thunderstorms were predicted for most of Memorial Day weekend, so when the weather looked good on Saturday, I took the opportunity to go kayaking. I did the perimeter of Saratoga Lake.

MyTracs(5_26_2012 11_19 AM.csv)

About halfway down the east side of the lake, I noticed some bugs crawling around a private dock. Seconds later, I found maybe a dozen beetles in and on my boat. I spent much of the rest of the trip trying to avoid them and removing them from my boat. They were just annoying. In retrospect, I think they just used my kayak as a place to dry off before flying away, so my attempts at splashing them off didn't help me any.

Whenever it finishes uploading, I think this will be a video of about an hour's worth of the trip:

Kayaking: Stewarts Bridge Reservoir #3

The weather was perfect today. My only gripe was that there were some mosquitoes, but they left me alone as long as I kept moving and stayed out of the shade.

MyTracs(5_18_2012 11_39 AM.csv)

I recorded a video of about an hour of the trip. I will post it as soon as YouTube digests it.

This is the best picture I took:

From Kayaking at Stewarts Bridge Reservoir May 18, 2012

Running on Pavement

Running on pavement is the worst.

This is some data from my first and only time running outside so far this year.

MyTracs(5_11_2012 4_43 PM.csv)

I thought I had run 5k, but I didn't, and I hurt in new ways.

Kayaking: Harriman Reservoir #6

I went to Harriman Reservoir, hoping to do the perimeter, but it was way too windy. I still had a good time, and I had the lake almost entirely to myself, which is always nice.

MyTracs(5_12_2012 11_29 AM.csv)

The embarrassing part is that when I crossed the lake before turning around, I thought I was just going past a little outlet. I was pretty confused when I started seeing familiar landmarks on the wrong side, but in the end it was best that I turned around, as the wind only got worse.

The most notable thing from this visit was the storm damage. Numerous wooden garbage boxes were strewn around the edge of the lake. There was a crew of people cleaning up trees in one area.

Kayaking: Fish Creek #2

I have been itching to go for a long kayak trip. I thought the weather wouldn't cooperate at all this weekend, but Sunday seemed good enough in the morning. It turned out to be perfect.

I parked at the state boat launch at the north end of Saratoga Lake. That was my first mistake. Parking was $8, collected by a machine that claimed to accept credit cards but just sat for minutes thinking about them. I ended up stuffing it with cash.

MyTracs(5_6_2012 12_07 PM.csv)

I headed north, against a light breeze, and didn't turn around until I hit the dam. I probably saw half a dozen other people in kayaks. Many locals seems to be out doing yard work.

From Fish Creek #2

I'm pretty sure I saw an otter on my way out, but I wasn't prepared with my camera. He dived as I approached. There were lots of birds and turtles as usual. I was surprised to see some quite gigantic fish. I tried taking some pictures, but this is the best I managed:

From Fish Creek #2

Just a chair I saw on my way back. I'm pretty sure this wasn't there when I went out. I think some fishermen found it and set it up there as a joke.

From Fish Creek #2