Posts for the month of March 2013

Good Riddance to Google Reader

I am a little bit surprised at the response I have seen to Google's announcement that they are shutting down Google Reader.

For me, they killed Google Reader in October of 2011 when they broke sharing. A little over a year later, I wrote my own replacement just to get proper sharing again.

  1. I don't want to hear about any silly petition to bring Google Reader back. It was already a husk of what it should have been. If it somehow returned by popular demand, it would not be run and maintained with the care it deserved. Let it go. Find an alternative.
  1. To the multiple projects that claimed you were going to produce a replacement following the crippling sharing, you are the worst kind of projects for giving hope and not following through. Releasing a bad alternative would have been better. Saying "oops, never mind" would have been better.
  1. There is no reason why something like an RSS reader needs to be centralized and run by a big company like Google. Let's see some competition.