Posts for the month of June 2013

Kayaking: Mohawk River #10

I've been kayaking regularly but slacking about posting anything about it.


This was a good ~20 mile paddle on the Mohawk River with a reasonably strong current, but I forgot to fully charge my phone, and it stopped recording data on the way back.

Jet skiers are obnoxious. I didn't see any particularly notable wildlife.

Kayaking: Somerset Reservoir #4


Somerset Reservoir was the busiest I have ever seen it. Probably mostly because I usually go on Fridays and this was a Saturday. I eventually managed to find parking and paddled around the lake. Normally I try to explore every little fiddly bit of the perimeter, but I cut some corners and hustled back, because it was pretty windy and relatively cold.

I think this might be a loon? I think I heard some loons.

Kayaking: Stewarts Bridge Reservoir #4

Kayaking: Mohawk River #9

I'm slacking.

Two weekends ago I didn't kayak, because it rained all weekend. Last week I went to the next section of the Mohawk River from last time. Data for that is here:


I quickly realized I left the battery for my camera charging at home, so I have no pictures. There wasn't anything too out of the ordinary to capture, so I just paddled out and back.

It was another long trip, and I was pretty tired by the end as expected now. It was one of the hottest days yet this summer, but that's not much of a problem when I'm splashing around the water.

The past few trips I've had My Tracks calling out times, distances, and speeds as I record GPS data. I was going suspiciously slow on the way out, but I guess I made up for it on the way back. The current didn't seem very strong, and neither did the wind, but they must have been stronger than they seemed.

This weekend looks like a lot of rain.