Posts for the month of July 2013

Kayaking: Harriman Reservoir #10


There were three notable things about this trip:

  • The traffic was full of jerks. On most of the way back, I was stuck behind an RV that slowed down to a third of the speed limit at the slightest turn.
  • The cell phone I use to record GPS data got pretty wet. It stays in a bag in a compartment of the kayak, but water got inside both for some part of the trip.
  • It rained on me for a good part of the second half of my trip in the kayak. I was just happy that it was a comfortable temperature and that there wasn't thunder or lighting.

Kayaking: Mohawk River #11

The Mohawk River has been my my go-to place to kayak lately, mostly because it is close and the sections between locks near me are just the right length to leave me exhausted.

I turned back a little bit earlier than I expected, at around 8 miles out instead of the full 10. I was a little sore, it was extremely warm and humid out, but a steady of rumble of thunder off in the distance was what finally convinced me.

Fortunately the trip back was uneventful, aside from some looming dark clouds. On my drive home it started pouring rain and didn't really stop until the evening.