Posts for the month of August 2013

Kayaking: Hudson River

I have been looking for a new place to kayak, and I finally caved in and decided to paddle on the Hudson River. The main deterrent has been that there are waterfalls and locks seemingly every few miles, at least in the section nearest me. I decided that I would probably be able to find a place to put my boat in around Lock 4 State Canal Park, and there was nothing in my way for well over ten miles to the North.

First I took a wrong turn and wound up in an Alpaca farm, which was right on the river. Next I walked around the lock looking for access to the water, but everything looked too high/steep to be able to get in and out safely.

I eventually asked the lock operator, who had just been chatting with a passing boat, and he gave me directions: "go past the battlefield. Across from the big barn with gables, you'll see the place that the locals launch their boats." It was further than he indicated, but I eventually found it.


Overall the trip was fine. The river was a bit busy, and the area was mostly farmland. I may have to go back when I'm less tired.

Kayaking: Fish Creek #3

This was three weeks ago, but I forgot to post it until now. I don't remember anything notable except an alarming number of people stand-up paddle-boarding.