Posts for the month of August 2014

Hiking: Algonquin Mountain

This Sunday, we set out to hit the Iroquois, Algonquin, and Wright Peaks. It did not work out that way, but it was a great hike anyway.

My phone died shortly after we passed the path to Wright Peak, so there are about 2.5 miles of data missing. Fitbit says I took 34,446 steps the day of the hike.


When arrived at the Adirondack Loj in a cold drizzle. Some rangers tried to make sure we had rain gear and flashlights. It did not look promising, but the forecast for Saturday was about the same, and we are running out of summer days.

Based on what I had read of other people hiking these peaks, I wanted to go out by Avalanche and Colden Lake first, which would bring us around the back of the mountains. I was hoping to get most of the hiking on level terrain out of the way so that we would not have a long drudge back to the car after we were sore from the climb. We did it that way, but in retrospect, we might have been less sore if we had gone up the less steep side.

The hike out to the lakes was muddy and rough. The views were pretty great.

Once we passed the lakes, we had a very steep, wet climb up the mountain. We zigzagged across a stream bed several times and on occasion basically climbed straight up waterfalls.

Eventually we reached the alpine-arctic vegetation zone, which meant we were near the peak. Around here, the clouds really took over. It was very eerie, and though I was hoping to see the panoramic view of the surrounding mountains, this was pretty spectacular too.

For a brief moment, the clouds opened up a bit near the Wright peak, and I snapped this picture:

The hike back down was mostly uneventful. When we described our route to one of the summit stewards, he said, "oh, you went up the steep side!"

Camping: Turtle Island

I have been meaning to do this for a long time, but I finally made it out camping last weekend. It was one night on Turtle Island on Lake George, and things generally went smoothly.

The adventure started at Norowal Marina in Bolton Landing. I stopped in the DEC office to complete my registration, and they waved me on to the marina when I started asking about parking and launching. The people at the marina were not particularly helpful, but they managed to take my money, and we managed to shove off. In retrospect, the place I parked to hike Tongue Range would have been a more appropriate boat launch.

Paddling out to the island went well, but I underestimated how much more difficult having camping supplies would make it.


The campsite was pretty good. We had neighbors on either side, but we could basically only just see their tents in the distance.

The water was great!

We were right by Tongue Range, where we hiked just a few weeks ago. I was up there.