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Hiking: Whiteface

I knew that Whiteface was different from most of the peaks we have climbed, because it was an operating ski mountain during the winter, but that came with unexpected surprises.

The weather was perfect - a bit chilly at first and also at the summit but very comfortable once we started moving.

At several points along the trail, we were reminded that this was a ski mountain when we crossed big, cleared trails dotted with snow-making equipment, signs, and chair lifts.

As we approached the summit, we apparently got off trail and ran into an impressively high stone wall. Coincidentally, this is around when we started hearing engine noises.

We finally rose above the wall and found a line of cars waiting their turn to drive to the summit. They did not seem to notice us.

The summit was busy with maybe fifty people who had driven up. Judging by the trail register, it looked like only six or so people hiked up.


Also, it was fall.