Posts for the month of June 2015

Hiking: Dix Mountain


This mountain has a higher difficulty rating than most we have done, but it did not seem too much different. There was a long hike to and from the mountain, and there were some steep sections.

It seems like most people camped near the trail not too far from the mountain, but we hiked 7.3 miles from the Elk Lake Road parking area to the summit via Hunter's Pass and 6.6 miles back via the Beckhorn. The parking area was basically full at 8:15AM.

The views were great, and the summit was big enough that we could find a nice quiet spot to stop and relax. The weather was perfect, with a predicted high in the high 60s.

My phone stopped recording data on the way back, possibly because it was busy delivering me email when I briefly got a signal at the summit.

Hiking: Big Slide

Because an ADK Ranger mentioned it, we did Big Slide on Saturday. This was a nice challenging hike, considering I have not done much yet this season, and it had some fantastic views.

Even with an early start, the parking lot was full at 8:30AM, so we parked in the town, and an extra 1.5 miles was added to our hike in each direction. Also, my phone mysteriously stopped recording GPS data on the way down.


I walked up some rocks.

Lots of people at the summit tried to point out what each peak was to each other. I have probably been on some of these, but there is no way I can tell without them clearly labeled on a map.