2017 Races

A brief summary of 2017's races:

Race NameDistance2016 TimeTimeNotes
Polar Cap4mi 32:46
Informal5k 23:03
Collar City Kilt5k 22:19kilt arrived the day after
Burlington UnpluggedHalf Marathon 1:59:21.2coldest wait at start
Blue Needs You8k43:3238:29happy with this improvement
Troy Home Away from HomeHalf Marathon 1:57:14first sub-2h half
Empire Workforce Challenge3.5mi27:3227:46slower time but huge improvement considering the heat
Lake PlacidHalf Marathon 2:02:08pleasant
Boilermaker15k1:34:141:20:30happy with this improvement
Le Marathon du MedocMarathon 6:11:07best first marathon 🍷
Oktoberfest5k 22:39worst free beer
Hudson MohawkMarathon 4:56:30worst weather
Hairy GorillaHalf Marathon2:25:192:13:05
Wrightsville Beach Turkey Trot5k 23:33.3
Albany Last Run5k30:3027:07❄️ snow
First Night Saratoga5k24:3425:055°F!
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