2018 Races

I guess this blog is just a log of my race results now.

NameDistance2016 Time2017 Time2018 TimeNotes
Polar Cap4mi 32:4630:47Cold.
Celebrate LifeHalf Marathon 1:56:09
Doc Lopez Run for HealthHalf Marathon 1:54:22.40Good hill.
Burlington UnpluggedHalf Marathon 1:59:21.21:49:06.8
Troy Home Away from HomeHalf Marathon 1:57:141:53:30
RhinebeckHalf Marathon 1:54:22.3Cold and rainy.
Bay to Breakers12k 58:19Flying tortillas?
ReykjavikMarathon 4:12:22Iceland is amazing.
Vintage RunHalf Marathon 1:54:52.3🍷 festival in Bethel, home of ☮Woodstock.
Hairy GorillaHalf Marathon2:25:192:13:052:01:25
Troy Turkey Trot10k 50:23My first ever 10k.
Saratoga First Night5k24:3425:0521:29.4Faster.
  • Posted: 2019-01-06 14:03
  • Categories: running


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