App Store Store

I thought it would be entertaining to make a storefront for app stores. I figure there should be an app store store where users can purchase, rate, and comment on app stores. I just spent a few minutes collecting icons and links to web pages for a handful of app stores, and I am stopping there for now, because I'm so disgusted.

  • Everybody has an app store. I imagine I've hardly scratched the surface of what's out there. Several companies have several completely separate-seeming storefronts for different devices.
  • Almost across the board, web frontends seem to be an afterthought. I'm supposed to run custom Windows software to even see what apps are available for some platforms. Some app store web interfaces only list a small selection of featured apps.
  • The names are terrible. It's like companies look up "place to give us money" in a thesaurus and trademark the first result that isn't taken.

Anyway, feel free to browse our fine selection of app stores below:


This just in: Wikipedia to the rescue.


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