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Camping: Turtle Island

I have been meaning to do this for a long time, but I finally made it out camping last weekend. It was one night on Turtle Island on Lake George, and things generally went smoothly.

The adventure started at Norowal Marina in Bolton Landing. I stopped in the DEC office to complete my registration, and they waved me on to the marina when I started asking about parking and launching. The people at the marina were not particularly helpful, but they managed to take my money, and we managed to shove off. In retrospect, the place I parked to hike Tongue Range would have been a more appropriate boat launch.

Paddling out to the island went well, but I underestimated how much more difficult having camping supplies would make it.


The campsite was pretty good. We had neighbors on either side, but we could basically only just see their tents in the distance.

The water was great!

We were right by Tongue Range, where we hiked just a few weeks ago. I was up there.

Canoeing: Somerset Reservoir

I went on a canoeing trip to Somerset Reservoir back on May 26th but forgot to post the data.

It was raining when we arrived and clear and sunny when we left. Annoying insects made it a bit difficult to launch and very difficult to get the kayak secured on my car as we left.

Altogether, it was a good trip, and if I had realized how close we were to the end of the lake, I might have pushed on just a bit longer.


Canoeing: Harriman Reservoir

I didn't go kayaking this weekend. Earlier in the week, a coworker was selling an old fiberglass canoe for a price that I couldn't refuse, so this weekend Lauren and I paddled it around Harriman Reservoir, stopping for lunch on the island nearest where we launched. It was an enjoyable trip.

MyTracs(6_30_2012 11_15 AM.csv)

A few observations:

  • When we arrived at the boat launch, there were Vermont state police officers making sure that everyone had life jackets. I had never seen that before, but we had ours, and they were friendly.
  • We stopped at one of the parks on the side of the lake before going to the boat launch at the north tip. Beside the dirt road approaching it, it was a nice area. On our return, we saw people there jumping into the water from a rope swing. Maybe I should start launching from one of those parks.
  • Canoeing is not as bad as I expected. Lauren and I were able to match my typical kayak speed, 3.8 miles/hour, for the first two miles. I didn't really feel prepared to paddle for long distances, though. It seemed like it stressed completely different muscles from kayaking. Steering was as interesting as I expected.
  • The canoe served its purpose well, but I'm not sure how often I'll use it. It definitely takes two people to get it on or off my car. It's just a bit too big to strap comfortably to my rack as-is with the straps that I have, and my car doesn't seem to have enough mounts to keep it centered the way that I usually see people do. The frame is a little bent out of shape, and I want to try to fix some of the non-essential fiberglass work inside the canoe. We scraped it up a little bit more than I would have hoped.

And that's how I spent my Canada Day Eve.