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2019 Races

Celebrate LifeHalf Marathon1:55:31
Seneca777mi Relay (bicycle team)10:33:04
CDPHP Workforce Team Challenge3.5mi25:29
AshevilleHalf Marathon2:04:25
Glencoe Marathon GatheringMarathon6:17:27
Kilkenny MedievalHalf Marathon1:52:25
Vintage RunsHalf Marathon1:52:32
NewportHalf Marathon1:48:39
Squirrelly Six6mi56:30

2018 Races

I guess this blog is just a log of my race results now.

NameDistance2016 Time2017 Time2018 TimeNotes
Polar Cap4mi 32:4630:47Cold.
Celebrate LifeHalf Marathon 1:56:09
Doc Lopez Run for HealthHalf Marathon 1:54:22.40Good hill.
Burlington UnpluggedHalf Marathon 1:59:21.21:49:06.8
Troy Home Away from HomeHalf Marathon 1:57:141:53:30
RhinebeckHalf Marathon 1:54:22.3Cold and rainy.
Bay to Breakers12k 58:19Flying tortillas?
ReykjavikMarathon 4:12:22Iceland is amazing.
Vintage RunHalf Marathon 1:54:52.3🍷 festival in Bethel, home of ☮Woodstock.
Hairy GorillaHalf Marathon2:25:192:13:052:01:25
Troy Turkey Trot10k 50:23My first ever 10k.
Saratoga First Night5k24:3425:0521:29.4Faster.

2017 Races

A brief summary of 2017's races:

Race NameDistance2016 TimeTimeNotes
Polar Cap4mi 32:46
Informal5k 23:03
Collar City Kilt5k 22:19kilt arrived the day after
Burlington UnpluggedHalf Marathon 1:59:21.2coldest wait at start
Blue Needs You8k43:3238:29happy with this improvement
Troy Home Away from HomeHalf Marathon 1:57:14first sub-2h half
Empire Workforce Challenge3.5mi27:3227:46slower time but huge improvement considering the heat
Lake PlacidHalf Marathon 2:02:08pleasant
Boilermaker15k1:34:141:20:30happy with this improvement
Le Marathon du MedocMarathon 6:11:07best first marathon 🍷
Oktoberfest5k 22:39worst free beer
Hudson MohawkMarathon 4:56:30worst weather
Hairy GorillaHalf Marathon2:25:192:13:05
Wrightsville Beach Turkey Trot5k 23:33.3
Albany Last Run5k30:3027:07❄️ snow
First Night Saratoga5k24:3425:055°F!

2016 Races

It's not a race, but for my own future reference, these were my times from last year:

Blue Needs You8k43:32
Workforce Team Challenge5k27:32Stuck in the crowd
Ottawahalf marathon2:07:23Hot
Dunkin Run5k24:52
Hairy Gorillahalf marathon2:25:19Trails
Charleston Turkey Day Gobble & Wobble5k24:17No excuses
Albany Last Run5k30:30
Saratoga First Night5k24:34Cold and hills

In 2016, I Ran

This is what a year of running looks like.

I did a few races.

It was good.

Ottawa Half Marathon

I decided several months ago that it would be a good idea to run a half marathon. It was.

This is just the crowd immediately behind me at the start. It continued far around the bend to the right and far in front of me. This was by far the biggest race I've ever been in.

I've started recording my tracks in Strava, since My Tracks is deprecated. I'm learning that my Moto X 2014's GPS logging is incredibly inaccurate, giving me one more mile than I ran.

I was very happy with how I was doing until about mile 11, which is:

  1. Further than I have ever run.
  2. About when the sun came out, and the heat really started to set in.
  3. Where the biggest hill was.

Following the race:

Sort of sore.
So sore I could barely move.
Very sore.
Ready to run again.

I hear that the full marathon was shortened later in the morning due to the extreme heat. Overall, I am happy to have participated and finished.

Dunkin' Run 2014

I ran my first 5k since high school today. The results are available here.

I chose this particular race, because a friend told me that it had the best shirt, and that it was flat. I learned when I picked up the race packet that the shirt was lavender. I learned mid-race that the whole course was on a gentle hill, and I started to feel it toward the end.


I think this time is about as good as I ever got in high school, so that makes me happy, but I typically do a bit better when I practice. I attribute the difference on running on asphalt vs. a treadmill as well as being stuck in a herd of people at the start. Basically I had no clue how fast I would be running compared to others, and I'm not particularly good at setting my own pace when a treadmill isn't telling me how fast to go. But it was a great success.

Running on Pavement

Running on pavement is the worst.

This is some data from my first and only time running outside so far this year.

MyTracs(5_11_2012 4_43 PM.csv)

I thought I had run 5k, but I didn't, and I hurt in new ways.

Running + Rain

I tried to go for a run today and stopped early due to weather. The wind was a force to be reckoned with, and the sky looked like it was already raining all around me. I walked (quickly) about the last half mile.

This all goes against everything Chad told me. I will never trust his meteorological skills again.

MyTracs(2011-04-27 1818.csv)

Another run. Meh:

MyTracs(2011-05-07 1001.csv)

Also meh:

MyTracs(2011-05-18 1856.csv)

Still so out of shape:

MyTracs(2011-05-25 1835.csv)

Running Data

Ten days ago I jogged about 5k. I didn't run again until today, when I hoped I could repeat that distance. But I wasn't feeling so hot and ended up walking after only about a mile in when my calves started really aching.

I like that I found a ~5k route around the Crossings of Colonie, but I need to be more routine about running. And the weather needs to cooperate.

I don't trust the speed/pace numbers I'm generating in these reports. Or maybe I'm just including too much junk data before I start or after I stop where I'm not moving much. Graphs will probably happen next to help me sort things out.

I don't think I intend to report data here every time I run, but if I run any 5k races this summer, and if I'm allowed to bring my phone, I definitely intend to dump as much data about them here as I can.

MyTracs(2011-04-07 1853.csv,width=320,height=240)MyTracs(2011-04-17 1320.csv,width=320,height=240)

April 20th: MyTracs(2011-04-20 1818.csv,width=320,height=240)

April 23rd: It was cold and damp out. I think that qualifies as clammy. I'm still way out of shape. I opted for a run walk run walk run walk today.

MyTracs(2011-04-23 1733.csv,width=320,height=240)