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Do You Want to Go to Puerto Rico? Yes

A few weeks back, I spent five days in Puerto Rico. This is how it went.


The morning after we arrived, we went on an Adventuras Tierra caving adventure. This included meeting the group at 5:45AM, zip-lining down into a clave, climbing, swimming, and generally jumping around in the cave and then climbing back out of it all. It was quite exhausting but set us off to a great start for the trip.


We stayed at the Caribe Hilton on San Juan Island, which left us a forty minute walk to Old San Juan or about half that to Condado. We hit both frequently for food.

In addition to some parrots in the lobby, the hotel had some peacocks that enjoyed making a great deal of noise as well as a turkey, white and black swans, ducks, and geese.


We were teased for saying we hiked by the caving group. Other places call it trekking or more exciting things than "walking up a mountain."

We headed to El Yunque to get a taste of a tropical mountain.

Here are some of the differences I noticed compared to the Adirondacks:

  • Lots of palm trees, not pine trees.
  • Lots of snails, not squirrels.
  • Frequent rain shelters.
  • A road went up to the summit of this particular mountain.
  • A waterfall on the path below where we hiked was a bit chilly but refreshing and much appreciated after we finished.

Old San Juan

Old San Juan:

  • Good food.
  • Lots of forts.


The last night, we did a much-recommended bio-luminescent bay kayaking tour.

I completely failed to capture photographs of the bio-luminescence, but the glowing effect as we splashed around in the water was fascinating, and I didn't want to leave.


Except for some computer reboots and power outages at Philadelphia airport, travel was uneventful.


The day after I got back, I participated in a game jam.