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What should I @#$%ing play on the ukulele?

Inspired by this, I went ahead and made this.

Angry words in big bold text abound. And song suggestions. That is all.



From left to right, in order of acquisition:

  1. My first ukulele, a Makala I picked up at the North Carolina Ukulele Academy in Wilmington, North Carolina when visiting family. If I think someone is going to accidentally sit on or back a car over one of my ukuleles, I will try to make sure it is this one.
  1. My concert size "Surf" Fluke ukulele with rosewood fretboard. When I got my Makala, I kind of laughed when the store owner recommended a Fluke or Flea because they can be stood on end on a table. But he was right, and my Fluke is sitting next to me on my desk right now.
  1. A solid mahogany Pono I picked up at Aloha Warehouse in San Francisco. When I want to pretend I'm a real musician, I'll have this around. It also came with a nice hard case.
  1. A Kala koa Tenor cedar-top with a pickup that I just got from The Ukulele Shop while driving through Virginia. I intend to use this when I want to play loudly.

Code Monkey

There was an open mic at VV's 15th anniversary party. I sang and played ukulele. My coworkers were very kind. I was very nervous.