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Maker Friends

This is my ongoing effort to rally coworkers who do cool things outside of work.

Things I Have Made

As I previously mentioned, I have been dusting off some of my old projects, making them build again, and organizing the source code and executables I've packaged for different platforms.

The ultimate result is this list of links for a pile of my projects. I don't expect anyone cares about these things but me, but I am making it as easy as I can for people to try them.

In addition, I made a list of projects in which I've been involved in any capacity at work. It's more than I remember. Even still, I'm not sure it's complete, yet. I hope 2011 and the future bring good things.

So that's me talking about my code.

Vicarious Visions Game Jam

At work, we had our first ever game jam last Saturday.

It's hard to share my team's resulting game, so here's a video:

After the 14 hours, I was exhausted, and it seemed like everything we had worked so hard on had fallen apart. Minutes before the judging we were able to quickly fix some bugs, and I'm pretty happy with the results. It may not look it, but it was a substantial effort to arrive at this from what we started with (not much).

The lesson I took away from this is that the ideal length of time for making a game is less than a year and more than a day. I propose game jams of every length in between to find the sweet spot.