Kayaking: Fish Creek #2

I have been itching to go for a long kayak trip. I thought the weather wouldn't cooperate at all this weekend, but Sunday seemed good enough in the morning. It turned out to be perfect.

I parked at the state boat launch at the north end of Saratoga Lake. That was my first mistake. Parking was $8, collected by a machine that claimed to accept credit cards but just sat for minutes thinking about them. I ended up stuffing it with cash.


Speed Graph

Time from Start (minutes)

I headed north, against a light breeze, and didn't turn around until I hit the dam. I probably saw half a dozen other people in kayaks. Many locals seems to be out doing yard work.

From Fish Creek #2

I'm pretty sure I saw an otter on my way out, but I wasn't prepared with my camera. He dived as I approached. There were lots of birds and turtles as usual. I was surprised to see some quite gigantic fish. I tried taking some pictures, but this is the best I managed:

From Fish Creek #2

Just a chair I saw on my way back. I'm pretty sure this wasn't there when I went out. I think some fishermen found it and set it up there as a joke.

From Fish Creek #2
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