Kayaking: Harriman Reservoir #3

I took Friday off and decided to head toward Harriman Reservoir.

There was something like a 30% chance of rain predicted and a slight chance of thunderstorms. When I started driving, the sky was almost completely clear and blue. By the time I arrived, it was completely overcast, and I feared the worst. The drive took an hour and a half, mostly winding Vermont highway, which is fun, though I managed to get stuck behind a number of campers and trucks that couldn't manage to go the speed limit. I also got a good view of a wind farm whose blades were spinning quite fast despite prediction of only 6-9mph winds. When I got to the parking area, a van pulled in full of a family set to go fishing, and there was another vehicle there already. The weather couldn't be that bad.

It turned out great!

What kind of bird is this? An egret? A stork? I need a better camera for this.

The wind farm from the lake:

My kayak as I was packing up to go home:

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