Hiking: Cascade Mountain #2 and Porter Mountain

I had plans to go hiking this weekend, but we decided on a trail at the last minute. The weather turned out to be perfect. There was no snow like last time, but we did pass an icy patch near the summit. We went to Porter Mountain first and then made the short (but steep) trip to Cascade Mountain. The view from both were great. I do not think I noticed the first time that you could see people on each peak from the other. Next time I need to bring semaphore flags.

I tried to make a time lapse video of the entire hike. Several things happened:

  • The camera stopped recording before I reached the second peak.
  • At one shot every five seconds, there was not enough continuous motion to make anything watchable.
  • I have almost 2000 decent shots of awesome trails.


The other technology failure came from my work-provided FitBit Flex. Something is causing it to drain its battery super fast. I charged it the night before, but it only recorded about 500 steps that day. I think I am done with it.

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