Kayaking Backlog

I've been doing some kayaking but forgetting to share and archive data. First, I went to the Fulton chain lakes near Old Forge with Lauren. We had a campsite right on Eighth Lake and cruised around it twice.

MyTracs(2011-08-14 1444.csv) MyTracs(2011-08-16 0941.csv)

I checked out Seventh Lake once on my own, but my phone died before I got back. This lake was populated with some really nice houses to the southwest. A seaplane almost landed on me.

MyTracs(2011-08-16 1200.csv)

Finally, I went back to Harriman Reservoir yet again and totally exhausted myself by paddling almost 20 miles. Once again my phone died. I think sometimes the camera stays active when I don't intend it, which drains the battery.

MyTracs(2011-08-26 1055.csv)

No pretty pictures this time. They're all majestic lakes surrounded by rolling hills and mountains. Nobody wants to see that.

Finally, I started playing a new game: I found and was able to retrieve three cans from the bottom of Harriman Reservoir.

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