Kayaking: Harriman Reservoir #9

My first trip this year was about 8 miles long. The second was 12. I figured for the third, I could bump it up to 18 miles. Something happened, and it was even longer than that.


Things got a little interesting during my drive to the lake. There was a blue Ford convertible that was being a little annoying, slowing down and accelerating over and over. As soon as I finally was able to pass it, it overtook me and the road reduced to one lane. Later it pulled over in a cloud of white smoke. Oops.

The lake itself was surprisingly quiet as usual. There were maybe five boats out either speeding around or fishing and maybe two pairs of kayaks.

I thought I got some videos of loons, but upon closer look, they were definitely just ducks.

I had my phone calling out times and distances ever mile. I was really expecting this trip to be 18 miles total, but I hit 9 miles well before I reached my turnaround point. I'm still not quite sure what happened, but I do know that water levels high, and I did a pretty good job of not cutting corners. The whole thing ended up being about 20 miles, leaving me thoroughly exhausted.

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