Kayaking: Summer #2

Given that Friday was my last Friday off for at least a month, I decided that the weather was nice enough to bust out the kayak for the first time this summer. I washed my car, mounted the roof rack, and added a new second set of kayak racks. Then I strapped my kayak on top of all that and headed to Round Lake, which was basically the first place I started last summer.

I paddled around a bit, getting fairly tired by the time I finished circling Round Lake and Little Round Lake. It was a bit cold and windy, but both of those were manageable.

About fifteen minutes after I started, I saw this off in the trees:

I can't believe how many birds around here are balding.

As usual I logged lots of GPS data using My Tracks on my phone. I am trying to do something different and am building up a Trac macro to visualize some data about where I go. A CSV file of the raw data is attached to this post, and some kind of map and summary should show up below. Depending on how much time I find, this will improve or go away.


Speed Graph

Time from Start (minutes)

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1. anonymous -- 10 years ago

The minecraft server is broken.

2. Cory McWilliams -- 10 years ago

Working fine for me.