Kayaking: Saratoga Lake #4

I wanted to test my endurance, so I went for a loop around Saratoga Lake for the first time this year. I didn't do any research beside checking the weather, but two things immediately worked out in my favor: the bridge providing the shortest drive to the boat launch is no longer closed, and the boat launch is still not charging for parking.

11am was apparently early enough to avoid most people. There were plenty of trailers there, but there was a car parking spot available right by water, so I put my kayak in and paddled away. There were a handful of boats zooming around the lake at any time, but they mostly stayed in the middle, and I stayed to the edge. Plenty of people fished.

I was fairly tired even before I was halfway done. I took breaks and snacked as needed.

Before I knew it, I was on my way back, and I ran into a concert on the lake. There were dozens of boats all parked at it and many bikinis. They played a handful of 90s covers as I paddled past.

From July 30, 2011

Overall, a great success.

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