Kayaking: Saratoga Lake #7

For my second trip this year, I went to Saratoga Lake. I paid a sizable fee to park at the mostly-empty boat launch and set off.


In general, it went pretty well. I feel like I'm going a bit slow, but endurance hasn't been much of a problem.

I got pretty stuck in some mud. The smart thing would have been to turn around and find deeper water, but I stubbornly pushed through. An even smarter thing would have been to mind the buoys. Whoops.

It was nice that the lake hadn't been taken over by seaweed yet. It wasn't toward the end of my trip that I started noticing some beetles, but they were hardly as much a problem as last time.

These guys are just everywhere, now:

I saw many more turtles than I was able to photograph. They tend to slip away into the water at the exact moment I notice them.

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