Kayaking: Somerset Reservoir #2

It has been almost a full two years since I first went to Somerset Reservoir in Vermont and cut my foot on a rock, forcing me to paddle and drive a great distance home with my heel hastily bandaged. I decided it was high time to show that rock I was no longer afraid.

The drive took almost two hours and ended with a long span of dirt road leading to some camp sites and the lake. Some workers were putting a buoy out on the lake as I put in my kayak. I got volunteered to search for the lost buoy that they were replacing.

From Somerset Reservoir - July 13, 2012

Unlike the last time I was there, where reaching the end of the lake and returning was a feat, I paddled around the entire perimeter of the lake without much trouble.

I didn't see as much wildlife as last time. But I think I did see some loons that I mistook at the time for ducks. And I am kicking myself for it.

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