Kayaking Summary

I wrote a script to calculate the total distance and time from every .csv file in http://www.unprompted.com/share/kayak/. The data from those files includes all of my time on the water plus sometimes part of me walking from my car to the water as I'm preparing to launch and packing up.

WhereDuration (H:M:S)Distance (miles)
Great Sacandaga Lake1:03:102.59
Harriman Reservoir3:49:4811.62
Harriman Reservoir 25:39:4118.79
Lake Lonely2:48:355.51
Mohawk River4:05:266.20
Round Lake1:29:153.08
Saratoga Lake3:40:1012.59
Saratoga Lake 25:02:1717.43
Somerset Reservoir3:22:2310.86
Stewart's Bridge Reservoir2:01:437.27
Thompson's Lake0:55:183.25
Total1 day, 9:57:4699.18

I know people who like to compare the entertainment value of things to seeing a movie in a theater, where a movie costs over $10 for about two hours of entertainment.

Without giving exact numbers, I'm nowhere near that efficient (and that's not even very efficient), but I am way closer than I expected to be, even only a partial summer into this.

I like to measure how far I walk/run/bike/drive/kayak in terms of travelling to the moon. The moon, on average, is about 238,857 miles away. If I kayaked toward the moon, the same amount each summer as I've done this summer, it would take me 2409 summers to arrive at the moon.


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