Kayaking Summary 2012

September has been my stopping point for kayaking the last two years, so though there's a chance I might go out again, it's cold and windy enough today that instead I took a minute to look at my data from this summer.

LocationDistance (miles)Time (H:M:S)
Mohawk River #722.156:08:14
Somerset Reservoir #315.374:39:57
Mohawk River #620.735:40:02
Mohawk River #516.014:39:27
Somerset Reservoir #216.44:36:59
Mohawk River #421.826:03:56
Mohawk River #320.435:58:57
Canada Lake15.074:21:08
Harriman Reservoir #87.282:14:06
Harriman Reservoir #718.055:06:06
Saratoga Lake #612.933:42:14
Stewarts Bridge Reservoir #37.542:10:18
Harriman Reservoir #69.572:53:50
Fish Creek #212.953:45:49
Ballston Lake #24.61:30:18

By my previous estimate, it was going to take me 2,409 years to kayak to the moon. The great news is that this year's estimate is down to 1,082 years, and I have kayaked about three summer's worth already. This assumes I would only kayak during the summer, of course. Kayaking to the moon year-round would be crazy.

Also interesting is that the Erie Canal is about 363 miles long, so I could paddle it at a comfortable pace in less than 18 days.


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