Kayaking: Waterbury Reservoir

This trip was a bit different. Lauren and I drove about three and a half hours to get ice cream at the Ben & Jerry's factory in Waterbury, Vermont. The drive was not all that bad. We passed through several interesting-looking Vermont towns, and despite some congestion near Lake Champlain, traffic was good.

From July 10, 2011

I didn't know what to expect from the factory tour. I feared that the entire place would be too child-oriented for us, and it would be a loss. It wasn't bad. It was free to park and wander around the place. We parked near a playground and the flavor graveyard. There were a number of booths setup outside vending pizza, spin art (yeah), T-shirts, and ice cream.

We quickly found our way to this building:

From July 10, 2011

We payed $3 each for tour tickets and spent the short wait reading about ice cream history on the walls. The tour was lead by a high school student who was the right balance of clearly tired of giving tours all day yet still very enthusiastic about cow puns. While waiting in line later for ice cream, staff kept us occupied watching a frozen T-shirt contest. Two people in line were presented with T-shirts frozen in balls and told the first one to wear the shirt would get a prize. I think it took them almost half an hour before one succeeded.

There was also kayaking! Waterbury Reservoir was about 10 minutes away. It was quite busy. Probably a dozen cars were parked near the dirt road leading to a boat launch by the dam. We got on the water and passed a number of kayaks and canoes while motor boats zoomed around us.

For a change, I took the recreational kayak Lauren had been using out, and she took my Pungo 120. There was a big different in handling, but it didn't seem to affect our speed much.

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As usual for Vermont, the lake was beautiful and largely unadulterated by nearby development.

From July 10, 2011

Day: seized.

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