Ludum Dare Compo 34 Post-Mortem

I created become a game developer in 60 seconds for the Ludum Dare compo this weekend. There were two themes, "growing," and "two button controls." I focused on "two button controls" and figured that making a game was sort of like growing a game. It became very meta.

I think the game speaks pretty well for itself.

I somehow already got a lot of awesome comments.

My changelog was pretty tame:

2015-12-12 10:26:27 Initial commit.  Here we go.
2015-12-12 10:53:06 Image editor?
2015-12-12 11:13:34 A primitive menu.
2015-12-12 11:21:59 What am I doing?
2015-12-12 12:17:19 Added game.js, so it's like it's done.
2015-12-12 12:35:54 Some input changes and image editor suggestions.
2015-12-12 13:03:54 Almost a game.
2015-12-12 13:35:44 Shooting.
2015-12-12 13:46:41 Some endgame business.
2015-12-12 14:05:14 We're going to make some sounds.
2015-12-12 14:54:51 Sound editor.
2015-12-12 15:23:44 This is almost really a game.
2015-12-12 15:35:27 Fix fix fix.
2015-12-12 16:15:06 I'm now in the 'what have I done' phase of the day.
2015-12-12 16:29:56 All of the parts are there.
2015-12-12 16:45:33 Added a timer.
2015-12-12 17:23:38 Got rid of the collectible editor.  Made sharing work.
2015-12-12 17:29:09 Title screen.
2015-12-12 17:40:18 Last minute thought.
2015-12-13 10:15:27 Added random bleeps and bloops all the time.  Toned down the volume.  Added a tiny bit more helper text.  Changed the +1 now that it's configurable.
2015-12-13 10:16:52 Oops, you should always be able to get points.
2015-12-13 10:23:12 Even quieter, just because.

Thanks to the Tech Valley Game Space for giving me a place to hang out while doing this, and the Tech Valley Center of Gravity for being that space and being located in a great place for post-jam food, the center of downtown Troy, NY.

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