I just cleaned up about a dozen new users and spam pages on the NTRW MediaWiki.

It feels like I'm not handling it right. Each time I see spam, I disable the new users, usually for a year. Then I delete any new pages I created and rollback any edits they made. This is in line with the typical steps for dealing with vandalism documented for MediaWiki. What bothers me is that it seems like I should just be deleting the offending users rather than blocking them, since they're going to clutter up the legitimate user list. The username, page name, and anything else in the deletion logs might all contribute to some bizarre Google bombing scheme, I would have no idea, and these steps would do nothing to help that. I would also love to just pick a range of time and obliterate it from the wiki's history. In this case, only vandalism happened in the last week. I suppose everything built to handle spam is more suited for Wikipedia's level of change throughput where good and bad changes are constantly intermingled.

Each time this happens, I look for more MediaWiki extensions to prevent this in the future. This time I switched to Google's !reCAPTCHA extension. I also ran SpamBlacklist's cleanup script, which unfortunately identified at least one valid page as spam. I failed to get its whitelist to work for me, but I didn't really care about the offending link, so I just removed the link.

Then I checked external links for spammy links and was surprised to see none jump out at me, though many are quite stale/broken.

Am I missing something?

  • Posted: 2011-03-07 21:23
  • Categories: internet


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