Ottawa Half Marathon

I decided several months ago that it would be a good idea to run a half marathon. It was.

This is just the crowd immediately behind me at the start. It continued far around the bend to the right and far in front of me. This was by far the biggest race I've ever been in.

I've started recording my tracks in Strava, since My Tracks is deprecated. I'm learning that my Moto X 2014's GPS logging is incredibly inaccurate, giving me one more mile than I ran.

I was very happy with how I was doing until about mile 11, which is:

  1. Further than I have ever run.
  2. About when the sun came out, and the heat really started to set in.
  3. Where the biggest hill was.

Following the race:

Sort of sore.
So sore I could barely move.
Very sore.
Ready to run again.

I hear that the full marathon was shortened later in the morning due to the extreme heat. Overall, I am happy to have participated and finished.

  • Posted: 2016-06-02 20:07
  • Categories: running

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