Dunkin' Run 2014

I ran my first 5k since high school today. The results are available here.

I chose this particular race, because a friend told me that it had the best shirt, and that it was flat. I learned when I picked up the race packet that the shirt was lavender. I learned mid-race that the whole course was on a gentle hill, and I started to feel it toward the end.


I think this time is about as good as I ever got in high school, so that makes me happy, but I typically do a bit better when I practice. I attribute the difference on running on asphalt vs. a treadmill as well as being stuck in a herd of people at the start. Basically I had no clue how fast I would be running compared to others, and I'm not particularly good at setting my own pace when a treadmill isn't telling me how fast to go. But it was a great success.


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