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Ten days ago I jogged about 5k. I didn't run again until today, when I hoped I could repeat that distance. But I wasn't feeling so hot and ended up walking after only about a mile in when my calves started really aching.

I like that I found a ~5k route around the Crossings of Colonie, but I need to be more routine about running. And the weather needs to cooperate.

I don't trust the speed/pace numbers I'm generating in these reports. Or maybe I'm just including too much junk data before I start or after I stop where I'm not moving much. Graphs will probably happen next to help me sort things out.

I don't think I intend to report data here every time I run, but if I run any 5k races this summer, and if I'm allowed to bring my phone, I definitely intend to dump as much data about them here as I can.

MyTracs(2011-04-07 1853.csv,width=320,height=240)MyTracs(2011-04-17 1320.csv,width=320,height=240)

April 20th: MyTracs(2011-04-20 1818.csv,width=320,height=240)

April 23rd: It was cold and damp out. I think that qualifies as clammy. I'm still way out of shape. I opted for a run walk run walk run walk today.

MyTracs(2011-04-23 1733.csv,width=320,height=240)

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