Without Internet

This week, for the third time in only a few months, I found myself without Internet access at home.

The first time, it went like this:

  • The cable modem indicates no connection.
  • I call Time Warner Cable.
  • They tell me they shut me off, because of "leakage."
  • They scheduled someone to come check things out (but they couldn't come for quite a few days...frustrating).
  • They plug some measuring device into my cable, which indicates a small but apparently acceptable amount of noise.
  • They remove the ground from my cable connection.
  • They repeat, and the amount of noise remains the same.
  • They reconnect everything, turn me back on, and figure that I was disconnected by mistake.

The second time was my fault:

  • HTTP requests were being redirected to a "your computer has been causing trouble, we're disabling you" page.
  • A local user account with an apparently easily guessable password on one of my computers had been compromised and was running a number of sketchy-looking scripts.
  • I wiped and did a fresh install of the affected machine.
  • I should add that I had to call Time Warner Cable to sort things out, and they turned me back on before even asking whether I had the machine under control, though they did threaten disabling me for longer if it happens again.

The third time went like this:

  • Cable modem reports no connection.
  • I call Time Warner Cable.
  • They ask me to try power cycle the cable modem, fiddle with the cable.
  • No, that doesn't improve anything.
  • They schedule an appointment.
  • The guy comes out, plugs in his meter, looks at it for a few minutes.
  • "Your signal's perfect."
  • He replaces my cable modem, and everything is fine.

It's slightly less annoying now that I have a Droid Incredible with an unlimited data plan.

  • Posted: 2010-07-24 11:05
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