Table Saw Projects

Here are some of the first things I have created with a table saw.

Small Table Saw Sled

Not much to say about it. I need to redo most of it with hardwood.


This was the first proper thing I made. It is all made of tongue and groove joints.

Things I would do better next time:

  • I did a lousy job gluing and clamping. Taping the outside of the top and bottom during a dry fit and then gluing and "rolling" it back up seems like the easiest way to do it better without any more investment.
  • One of the panels has its grain pattern oriented differently, as a result of the sizes of scraps I had.
  • The handles are too close to the top, uneven, and too big. I should have just spent more time planning, there.

It's currently full of scrap wood, so it works.

Screw Advance Box Joint Jig

I figured I needed a reliable way to make strong joints to get started, and I did not have the tools (or technique) to jump right in to the woodgears approach.

Derived mostly from these plans, I made a screw advance box joint jig out of relatively cheap plywood, and with it I have made my first good-fitting box joints.

A/C Cover

The covert that was on my outdoor air conditioning unit had completely deteriorated in just a few years, so I made a slightly beefier one by making a frame out of 2x4s using box joints and gluing some old scrap plywood on top. The whole thing is sealed in probably half a dozen layers of paint, so the box/finger joints are not even visible.

I am pretty sure the old plywood I used is going to be the first thing to go, and common advice seems to be that just a scrap of plywood with a brick on it is when you want, but I had to try out my new jig.

Wood Cube/Robot Toys

I made these as gifts. I saw images of something similar and wanted to try my hand at making them. It ended up being a lot of work (mostly the sanding)!

I made too many mistakes to list. My plan going in was to make more than I need and put the ugliest pieces on one(s) that I would not be giving away. That generally worked out.

I like how they turned out. If I do it again, I will get more creative with the design.

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