I am working on an Android app which will mainly be used to solicit feedback on decisions that I don't want to make myself, for reasons such as:

  • I don't have and can't find enough information on the choices myself.
  • All potential outcomes seem the same to me.
  • I want the people I would affect to express their opinions.
  • I don't care.
  • It would be more fun if someone else chooses for me.

Install It

I will try to release this to the Google Play Store quickly, but for now it must be installed manually.

An .apk is available here. Download it. Use it.

The Rules

I will be making up the rules as I go. Or maybe I will put them to vote. You'll have to wait and see.

I will make available questions with pre-determined options. People will be given currency which they can spend to vote. People will be rewarded with more currency for participating regularly and for situations where I am happy with the outcome of the most popular choice.

I have ultimate control on decisions and how currency will be handled, but I will try very hard to keep it fair and fun.


This combines a handful of ideas into one:

Project Prioritization
I frequently have a lot of different projects I want to work on, but I'm bad at prioritizing them. This is sort of a meta-project.
Ask Cory
We considered making an application where anyone can contact me (for a small fee?), and I would guarantee a reply. I anticipate working various forms of question-asking and feedback into this.
I discussed making a daily voting app with some people. There are already some voting apps out there (not to mention Nintendo's "Everybody Votes"). None of them will be as Cory-centric as this.
Cory's Quest
Some time ago I tried making my life into an adventure game. I stopped doing this, because people were generally confused with what they were supposed to do with it. This should be clearer.
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