Notebook Ninja 2

Gameplay ideas

  • Online multiplayer. Original co-op play had Nick and Cory falling asleep in Prog Lang. Now that Nick and Cory are on opposite sides of the country, they must fall asleep with a network connection nearby.
  • Ditch the side-scrolling 2-D style of Notebook Ninja, and go for a more 3-D world. Camera follows player around in a logical manner, and can be moved around by the player. Consider similar style to "Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles" or "God of War"
  • Jumping. Will enable jumping attacks.
  • Ground Vehicles??
  • Puzzles??

Weapon ideas

  • All classic weapons should be included (Stick, Head, Bazooka)
  • Flail - A torso with a leg and head attached. Stick fighter swings it around his head when idle, and of course slams enemies with it.
  • Boomerang - Two legs. Thrown forward, and returns to the player. Probably should be weaker than the head, because its an easily reusable projectile.
  • Mace - A torso with a head attached. Similar to the stick, but more powerful, longer range, and slower.
  • Scythe - Two sticks together, one becomes the pole and the other is the blade at the end. Allows bloody slashing attacks.
  • Dual wielding for some weapons??

Enemy ideas

  • Sheep. One complaint about the original was that sheep could not be harmed.
  • Of course, new enemies make it possible to add an even bigger variety of new weapons.
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