Ukulele Club 2013

I considered the Ukulele Cover Challenge of 2012 a great success and want to get started on the next iteration. Also for some reason I made "Ukulele Club" soap. So I'm finally starting Ukulele Club 2013!

Rules of Ukulele Club

  1. Talk about ukulele club, obviously. Let's get some new people involved.
  2. Ukulele club is open to anybody Cory knows. I will play along, but I won't claim a prize.
  3. To participate in ukulele club, post videos of yourself playing the ukulele to YouTube.
    1. Videos must be public.
    2. Videos must be tagged with "Ukulele Club 2013".
    3. Videos must be tagged with the category they are intended to meet, from the list below.
  4. There is a required schedule for posting videos.
    1. A week must pass between each entry. One video every other week is the most frequent posting that is acceptable.
    2. If four weeks pass without a video accepted, you are out and have to start over. You have to enter about one video a month to stay in.
    3. A week starts at midnight Sunday morning and ends at midnight Saturday night.
    4. Entries will be logged on this page.
  5. Videos must meet criteria specified by Cory.
    1. Videos must fit one of the "Open Categories" listed below on this page.
    2. I will try to maintain more open categories than there are active participants.
    3. Only one video will get credit for each category, after which the category will be closed.
      1. You snooze you lose.
      2. You may attempt to coordinate on who is going to claim which category, but it is ultimately your responsibility to post videos that fit the rules.
    4. Accepted videos will be added to a YouTube playlist and linked from here.
    5. E-mail links to your videos on YouTube to ukuleleclub@… to secure your entries.
    6. A song will only be considered for one category even if it meets multiple.
    7. I am open to creative interpretation of the categories, obvious attempts to weasel out of the requirements won't be accepted.
  6. You can win at ukulele club.
    1. When you post five videos that meet all of the rules, you win at ukulele club!
    2. The first four people to win at ukulele club will receive a bar of home-made soap from me.
      1. The first two bars are pink and smell vaguely like soap.
      2. The second two bars are brown-ish and smell vaguely of root beer.
      3. If I award any prizes after that, it will probably be bars of store-bought soap with the brand scraped off and "ukulele club" carved into it.
      4. This is the first soap I've made. It's probably not good soap.
      5. The soap is made from bacon grease.
      6. No, the soap does not smell like bacon.
    3. Once all of the initial prizes have been given out, no new entrants will be accepted.
  7. The rules are just an attempt to keep things interesting.
    1. I may change them if necessary to keep things fair and entertaining.
    2. If you don't like them, you can try to guilt me into fixing them.
  8. Try to have fun.

Open Categories

  • A song of rebellion.
  • A finger-picking song.
  • A song played with only three chords.
  • A song by They Might Be Giants.
  • A song about facial hair.
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