Aught Six: An Unprompted Year in Review

What happened in the world this past year? Take a look at the latest Google Zeitgeist. What happened in the little world in which I live? Read on.


Previously, throughout school and in my spare time, I entertained myself with different programming projects. Despite still being busy with new projects, I barely posted anything new this past year. I mostly blame non-disclosure agreements and my newfound access to nifty but proprietary resources.

I created Cowbell Hero, complete with a custom controller, but I failed to write it up before other sources got the same idea. Losing its novelty and having already entertained me and some coworkers, I just let that one slide.

I recreated a certain word-spelling board game, but fearing the fate of a similar implementation, I am just keeping it to friends, at least for now.

Aside from things that I have already mentioned, most everything else is far less finished. I made a small "Kazoo Hero" prototype to play with pitch detection. I fiddled with 2D collision, inspired by Soldat. I made a little web scoreboard for a coworker which helped us know who was better than who at any given time.


I used about 186 gallons of gas. The majority of this was running errands on weekends. I walked or rode my bike to work all but a small handful of days when I needed to drive somewhere after work.

People ask me occasionally if I walk to save gas or for exercise. The answer is neither. I just never liked having to drive first thing in the morning, so now I have a casual and rather relaxing walk. Exercise and fuel savings are bonuses.


I do not get cable television, so I do not watch shows so much, so to speak. I think I did watch more movies than I had in a long while. I still keep up with many web comics, Flash cartoons, and the usual assorted geek-driven news sites.

I have about 29 Nintendo DS games, one or two GBA games, and about six games for the Wii and GameCube (I never had a GameCube). There are a few I have not completed, and a special few I have completed thoroughly. I might elaborate later the next time I am bored.


It has been a while since I have splurged on new computer hardware. I suppose the Wii and DS-Lite I recently acquired have kept me adequately entertained in that department.

That's All

Time for 2007.

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