Colored Quote Bars

It has long annoyed me that Thunderbird sometimes treats the '>' characters in excerpts from diffs as reply markers and draws a blue line instead of the actual characters from the E-mail.

I finally found some talk about how to disable that feature here.

Put this in ~/.thunderbird/*.default/chrome/userContent.css:

  blockquote[type=cite] {
    padding-bottom: 0 ! important;
    padding-top: 0 ! important;
    padding-left: 0 ! important;
    border-left: none ! important;
    border-right: none ! important;

Set the following options:

  user_pref("mail.quoted_graphical", false);
  user_pref("mailnews.display.disable_format_flowed_support", true);

And the bars go away. Along the way, I noticed that if format=flow is included in the Content-Type header, Thunderbird does the right thing. So, the source of these E-mails is partly to blame, but I am happy that there is something I can do about it for now.

Comment by Carlos Laviola on Mon Nov 19 21:12:41 2007

Thanks for the tip, but your obnoxious not-an-anti-spam-replacement thing asked me to do the 24 game with 4, 4, 9, 9. If there's any way in hell to come up with 24 from these do let me know.

Comment by cory on Thu Dec 27 21:04:27 2007

Wow, sorry about that. The only way to get 24 was with truncating integer division. Fixed. Yes, I know it's obnoxious, but you're only encouraging me.


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