Cory Can Read

I have been recommending reading material weekday morning for a handful of people for just over five weeks, now.

I make no claims to any of it being interesting, relevant, or entertaining, and I am not even sure how it will proceed from here. For the most part it has been programming-related articles with a mix of random things that amused me from the Internet.

Comment by Jenny on Mon Jun 4 01:58:35 2007

(Settling an argument as to whether (5-1)*5+9-5 is an acceptable equation)

Comment by Cory on Tue Jun 5 22:39:38 2007

Oh no, that's a bug!

Comment by Cory on Tue Jun 5 22:41:05 2007

I think it's fixed, now.

Comment by Your (former) RPI teacher on Mon Jun 25 17:21:01 2007

Comment by cory on Tue Jun 26 23:58:51 2007

Hmm, a mystery comment.


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