Reason for Not Taking Over the World Today: Rain

My efforts to take over the world have been coming along really well lately but are constantly jeopardized by a steady stream of homework. Efforts will continue as planned.

Today is Pungenday, the 21st day of The Aftermath in the YOLD 3171. As if the Flying Spaghetti Monster was not enough, I stumbled upon an explanation of absolutely everything worth knowing about absolutely anything. I know I am a few decades late, but this is still wholesome reading material.

The Montreal Game Summit was rather entertaining. Warren Spector clearly struck a few chords with his somewhat troubling opening speech. Pretty much everyone emphasized a need for new ideas in game design. Hideki Konno from Nintendo was there to show off how Nintendogs was more popular than might have been expected and how their new hardware is going to afford new ideas in game design. A guy I went with won a game of massively multiplayer rock-paper-scissors. About seven hundred game could it not be fun?

My Kung Fu Game is coming along, but not as I expected. I have a whole lot of work to do before the game is fun in any interesting way, but technical problems have been virtually nonexistant. Maybe I am gradually becoming a better programmer? No, the tools are getting better!

The semester is flying by. Zoom. It makes that sound.

Once again I apparently used a name for an amusingly insignificant project and heard about it from someone else using the same name. I am not complaining. People have been very amicable both times. That is two points toward world domination, but it makes me wonder if I should be doing something differently.

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